Setting up Scandi Style Kitchen – 7 tips for living with a guaranteed Lagom feeling


No matter if Hygge or Lagom – the Scandi Style is simply unmistakable with its playful lightness and optimal cosiness. It fits perfectly in every room and brings a homelike ambience with it. Today, we focus on the Scandinavian-style kitchen, what makes it different and what materials, colors and combinations are preferable. Trust in the natural, simple living style of the Scandinavians and bring home their unique Nordic joie de vivre. In the next lines you will find the basics for the Furnishings in Scandinavian style, Take a look at them and decide which of them would be best for you.

How to set up a scandi kitchen

scandi kitchen set up white cupboards bar counter

White and light wood – an unbeatable combination!

Living in Scandinavia starts with the interior design itself. It has to look harmonious, for the most part it consists of natural materials and is designed in calm natural colors. Especially popular is Wood, Especially in its light shades, combined with a lot of white.



This visually expands the space and a cheerful mood spreads. White also captures the light, which is especially welcome in northern regions.

Delicate accents in black and a fresh green complete the whole

scandi style kitchen setting up wooden floor


Harmonious contrasts provide more comfort

Often one meets at the Scandinavian institution on color contrasts such. B. Black-and-white, But it does not create any cold or barren, but a balanced, homely atmosphere that comes to the Scandi Style only good. So, if you want to furnish your kitchen and stand in the cozy, Nordic style, you can easily opt for this classic color combination and focus on simple design and maximum function.

Clean lines and pleasant feel in the black and white kitchen

Setting up monochrome scandinavian cuisine

Introduce more dynamics through patterns

Graphic pattern are among the classics when it comes to Scandinavian set up. Patterned surfaces also look good in the kitchen and bring structure and dynamism with them. Triangles in different colors and sizes are some of the most typical patterns that often occur in the kitchen. Especially as floor tiles or kitchen back wall, Scandinavian patterns are always a stylish eye-catcher.

Because open shelves just fit perfectly

scandi style kitchen setup pattern wall decor-resized


Scandi Chic meets Industrial and Rustic

The industrial and rustic style of living is perfect for Scandi Chic. Their characteristic elements can be perfectly combined with the Scandinavian or staged as individual pieces. Whether rough tube poles on open shelves, oversized hanging lamps over the dining table or sturdy wooden counter with signs of wear – many are the possibilities at the Scandi kitchen set up to create great eye-catcher with original elements from other styles.

With a successful style mix, textures also play an essential role

Open shelving kitchen set up in Scandinavian style

rustic scandinavian kitchen set up

Designer chairs are a topic of their own

The Scandi Style furniture is just as elegant and comfortable at the same time as the style itself. They either have clean lines or curved, organic shapes and are absolutely unbeatable when it comes to functionality. Design classics like the “Wishbone Chair” or the “Eames DAW chair “can be found in almost every Scandinavian kitchen in their newly interpreted variants. They give the interior a pleasant retro touch and give the ambience its unique signature.

Mix timeless, Scandinavian design classics in your kitchen

scandinavian kitchen set up designer chairs gray fronts

The Scandi kitchen will miss some splashes of color

Although the main colors in Scandinavian cuisine are more neutral and muted, do not be afraid to get a little colorful. Because some fresh colors especially from the powder toner spectrum like salmon or Petrol are perfect for the Scandi kitchen. You can not just paint the wall with it, you can also order the kitchen fronts in it or set meaningful accents with colorful home accessories.

As a basis behind the open shelves, light pink looks just great

pink wall paint scandy kitchen set-resized

A gentle blue has a soothing and balancing effect on the eye

Scandinavian kitchen set up pattern wall decoration blue fronts-resized

It all depends on a skilful mix!

And not only of colors and style elements, but above all of materials and feel here is the speech. In addition to coarse, untreated wood, a fine, varnished surface can be added immediately. Concise wood grain on the fronts of the kitchen surrounds fine, smooth textures on the work surface, or shiny copper accents are even more effective in front of bare concrete walls. All this is possible and even desirable when setting up Scandi kitchen.

Metro Tiles in white give the finishing touches here

wooden cabinets kitchen furnish Scandinavian

Of course you can also take silver or brass instead of copper

kitchen set dining table light wood copper hanging lamp

Take these 7 important lifestyle tips with you when setting up your kitchen and create a stylish and homely Scandinavian-style ambience to suit your taste and personal preference. Do it like the Scandinavians and live very relaxed, close to nature – just Lagom!

Of course, the right lighting is also part of it

kitchen set scandi style lighting

straightforward design kitchen set up in scandy style

Bring more dynamism or nostalgia through graphic or filigree patterns

kitchens set up scandi style

scandi kitchen white fronts pattern tiles k├╝chenr├╝ckwand-resized

small kitchen set up in scandinavian style

Or stay quite classic and put on white and light wood

large kitchen set up in scandinavian style

Scandinavian kitchen set up bright wood white fronts

Scandinavian kitchen set up wooden fronts kitchen area

Ergonomic kitchen set up in Scandinavian style

Of course, a little color can never hurt

very small kitchen set up white cabinets scandy style

kitchen set up in scandy style

kitchen set scandinavian blue wall bright wood

Scandinavian kitchen set up modern-resized

Do not forget the trendy design classics!

scandi kitchen set up white dining table desigern chairs-resized

Open shelves are popular with most Scandi style kitchens

scandi style kitchen set kitchen island white

Also introduce elements of rustic and industrial style into the kitchen interior

Scandinavian rustic kitchen set up

Scandinavian kitchen set up white cabinets resplendent

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