Modern Living Room Colors – Trendy Home Decorations in Green and Red


Do you fancy new living room colors? Then you are certainly glad to know that we are dedicating some consecutive posts to the color trends of the 2018/2019 season. In addition to the usual overview the current trendy shades, we want to systematically give concrete examples. Now we start with the trend colors red and green and their use in the living room. You can also use this article as a way to revisit next season’s interior design trends.

Different shades of green as living room colors give a layered look here

curtains and custody in green living room colors

Living room colors for layer look

As we already do in another article on our site, the layer look for the upcoming fall / winter season is very topical. Since the green easily combines with many other colors, it can be very helpful in this regard. In the green living room above this text, the room was zoned out using a large green curtain.



It corresponds to a designer lounger and the mural. These each show a very dark and a bright and eye-catching green shade. The red color plays an equally important role in this case. It was introduced through the small carpet and the throw pillows. However, red accessories are not just an extra layer in this case. Without them, the room would be relaxed, but a little dark. By the way, radiating warm accents in more elegant rooms is a trend in itself. Read more about it in the next lines …

The modern effect can be achieved by combining, among other things, red and green

Green, red and brown living room colors


Ethnic pattern in green and red

Living rooms with global ethnic appeal are another modern trend. To stay in tune with this, you can consider wall paints or textiles with geometric patterns. In the example below, this project was realized through curtains and throw pillows of this kind. Thanks to the positioning of a residential landscape in a saturated olive gourd in the middle of the room, one also achieved a layered look. The smooth transition from yellow to blue, which appears natural due to the mixed colors, has been particularly successful. Entnic patterns would also be wonderful to pair with red designs. First of all, it works quite naturally, because in different cultures they occur exactly in this form. But they also make sense, because they could make the effect of the bright red look “gentler”.

Global charisma always disappears as soon as geometrical patterns are applied …

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The colors for the living room – green and red are just as perfect.

Several patterns also in red colors living room



Play with light and shadow

Often there is talk of the mood of “a nocturnal forest” in designer articles on current trends. Of course, dominate in such a concept, the green nuances in their dark versions. In addition to the topic of darkness, which is clearly in the foreground, one likes to use enlightening aspects in the interior design. Mostly these are pop-ups in purple, red or other shades with a similar character. One would like to combine dark green surfaces with very light – in this case – white. This resulted in a particularly exciting light-shadow game.

The procedure was different in the following example with the predominantly red living room. There is a rather evening mood due to the darkening, the saturated red nuances and the black furniture. The white pictures provide “light in the night”.

Red is a bright color. Nonetheless, sometimes it can look rather gloomy like this.

wall between red and orange colors living room

Glamorous and nostalgic

Glamor elements and glamor are striking in the interior design of the following seasons. But there is one special feature, namely that you like to combine it with nostalgic looks. They are especially common in industrial and vintage furnished living rooms and other premises. In the next room shown warm golden accents were introduced with the help of side tables and a work chair in a modern style. Nostalgic, on the other hand, are the beautiful industrial luminaires. But the whole thing could be quite bizarre and inharmonious if you did not have the balancing green color in its different forms.

Below it follows a room with red accented floor design, where geo-metric triangular patterns can be seen. The shine is set here by their surface and also by noble-looking furniture in scene. The balance is in this case from the interaction of red and green.

Nostalgia and glamor go hand in hand this season

great green details living room colors

Red and green are some of the best background shades!

living room colors green serenity and walls

Newnordic and natural materials

As in many previous seasons, the Scandinavian trend remains current. But here is more from the Newnordic the speech. However, one could consider the explanation of this tendency as a summary of the previous ones. The Newnordic is unremarkable, but has subtle luxury aspects that give the whole thing a bit of warmth. In addition, one likes to combine different noble wood species there. So neutral and so spectacular is this style and it would be perfect for the living room. What would be the ideal background? We believe that this role can be wonderfully taken over by the modern green and some modern muted reds.

Have a look at our great ideas for Bathroom in green and red,

Newnordic in green – Simple lines and understated luxury accessories

living room colors discreet bright furniture

If you choose a muted red color for the accent wall, you could also reach Newnordic

colors living room red wall behind a fireplace

living room colors blue and green furniture

Here again golden accents were introduced in the form of the mirror frames. The background – white and green living room colors.

tropical colors living room colors

Living room colors subtle vegetal accents

Living room colors green for high ceilings

The green living room colors are very varied this season

Living room colors green in different layers

Living room colors green and white

living room colors green tiles and furniture

living room colors green media wall

Combinations of green and gray are still up to date

living room colors green wall with kussntwerken

living room colors half green half light beige

Living room mint with different intensity

Great living room-color combinations with green!

Living room colors green and white walls

living room colors modern ideas in orange and green

living room colors neutral green accent wall

living room colors very dark sofa

The green here introduces the natural aspect and the metal legs of the furniture provide shine

living room colors white furniture and glaring accents

Colors living room accents in red and pink

colors living room bamboo decoration in front of red wallpaper

Dark furniture and classic plant patterns – an equally modern interior design solution for the living room

colors living room big red plant pattern

Colors living room several red accents

Colors living room purplish color for the wall

Minimalism in the number of furniture, vintage style and some glamor – great idea for modern interior design in green and red!

colors living room red green contrasts

colors living room red white wall half

colors living room red furniture and ceiling elements

Global patterns in red give this room a lot of charm

Different Type Of Paint In Wall Or Living Room Imanada Minimalist in sizing 1916 X 1196

colors living room red frame

red wall living room ideas Fresh Red Walls Living Room Ideas

colors living room wall decal on red background

Vintage wallpapers and purple floor design, garnished with a bit of nostalgia – that looks particularly trendy and up to date!

colors living room red white patterned wallpaper

brighter red for the wall colors living room

red wall colors colors living room

red throw pillows and walls colors living room

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