Amazing decoration ideas for a nursery!


Selection of color in your house is the most important part of decoration. Color shades have different color effects and we all  know that. If you want a good work, you should focus on this point and be sure that  it is done with care. Especially in a nursery … Because in nurseries  a lot of different activities are done and this requires a harmonious color scheme. In particular,  special needs of the children should  be considered and therefore color concept in the nursery should be done after a long and precise planning. 

A fresh atmosphere is desired in nurserıes

color scheme nursery soothing colors shades of green zig zag pattern

How to choose correct colors in nurserıers?

In most cases, parents seek for the most practical benefit of the chosen colors. However, while doing this they may ignore kids’ ideas. To be successful the selection process should somehow be combined with the children’s ideas. We should try to not neglect the wishes of our children. It’s about her/his own room!

Of course, you can not always take these into account, because they really change constantly!

Nature and preferences of children naturally also play an essential role. For example, a restless child with problems concentrating and asleep needs a room where warm colors predominate.

try to Create a dynamic space

color scheme nursery yellow purple color combination bright walls

A thorough consideration is necessary in the color selection!

The choice of colors in the nursery should be considered with care. Walls, floors and furniture have to make a nice overall picture. It is therefore important to correctly determine the basic color in the nursery. For example, not all the favorite colors of the children and the parents match as wall paint in the nursery. It’s about large areas! Pastel colors are perfect for this. They are unobtrusive and yet very expressive! But liveliness must not be missing in the nursery design! That’s why you should best ensure visual contrasts in the room. So put complementary contrasts! Desaturated colors are great for combining together. A neutral wall design makes it possible to set several accents through furniture, textiles and accessories. For neither nursery nor characterless may the nursery be.

Spice up the dark blue walls with orange

color scheme nursery blue walls orange carpet

Some colors are better than others

If you think about the wall color in the nursery, you should first of all take into account color psychology! So blue has a calming effect, while orange radiates a lot of energy and provides for more dynamics in the nursery, Blue and green nuances promote concentration, while green with a yellow component ensures freshness and coziness at the same time. Neutral sand tones are also a nice alternative in the nursery. Once you have decided on the nursery walls, combine them with the right pieces of furniture and accessories in the right color shades. A basic rule is the following: Do not overwhelm the perceptions of the little ones! But do not renounce color contrasts, because the spatial thinking of infants must indeed be required!

Gentle pastel tones are perfect for the girls room

color design kids room elegant design girl room zig zag pattern



What else should be considered when choosing colors for the nursery?

There are actually a number of criteria in choosing the right nursery colors! The next criterion is the space conditions. Depending on, how big the room is, different colors are suitable for him, so that he becomes homely and inviting. Here is the well-known rule: Small rooms would have to be in bright shades and larger could be painted a little dark.

Even in the matching shade of white, the nursery can feel particularly comfortable

color design nursery fresh design floor plank round rug

Another important question is at the Color design of the nurserys: What tasks does the child do every day in this room? In fact, every nursery consists of several zones – for sleeping, playing and doing homework. And everywhere the appropriate shade of color would have to be selected depending on the particular activity. You could do that instead of using different wall colors, also with accessories in the respective color. Well, if you individual areas color-separated, be careful to stick to a consistent color scheme.

Warm shades symbolize joie de vivre!

color scheme kids room colorful carpet areas sever

So make sure you have a nice and pleasant atmosphere in the nursery. But to make sure you have a nice and cozy nursery, you have to think in advance about the right colors …

Pastel colors create a cozy girl’s room

color scheme nursery modern interior design colored spacious

White and light green are an apt color combination

color scheme nursery girl white green gentle shades

Brilliant elements ensure liveliness in the nursery

color scheme kids room colorful geometric carpet

Enhance the bright ambience with fresh colors

Coloring kids room making fresh color combinations

color scheme kids room yellow orange combine

color scheme nursery yellow interior dark flooring

color scheme kids room gray carpet white walls

color scheme nursery seperate large nursery areas

color scheme nursery green blue high bed rugs

Compact dark Hardwood Wall Mirrors

color scheme nursery bright walls colored geometric carpet

color scheme nursery bright ambiente funny pattern

color design nursery bright design carpet star beautiful wall decoration

color scheme kids room bright cozy design wood floor

13th Street Loft

color scheme kids room industrial accents rocking chair

color scheme nursery small nursery green white

color scheme nursery small nursery purple white interior design

color scheme nursery learning area sofa colorful carpet

color design nursery girl room decorating ideas walls walls darker floor

color scheme nursery girl's room design cozy interior

color scheme nursery modern design stripes beige carpet floor

color scheme nursery modern interior neutral colors

color scheme nursery orange accents murals lighter flooring

color scheme nursery red accents

color scheme nursery nice atmosphere green blue beige curtains

color scheme nursery white ambience red blue accents

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