Kinderhochbetten ideas with further integrated functions

Children's high beds are not new, because many parents consider them as the best possible alternative. They are not new either Topic on our website, But new models keep appearing and it's worth keeping them in mind. The focus in today's article is on loft beds, which bring several functions under one roof. Experience the incredible creativity of the nursery designers! Before we start, we would recommend you more on the topic "Safety in children's high beds" to learn.

Kids high bed idea in modern color

gray and storage space children's high beds

Creative storage space

The combination of children's high beds and stowage units is becoming more common. This is not just meant to integrate some shelves into the bed construction itself. It is also possible to buy a set of furniture that includes children's high beds and other furniture. It is important that these furniture sets appear through the same materials and style as from a piece and thus refine the whole room design.

The modern children's high bed is mostly in line with other nursery furniture

bright room children's beds

Accent wall with a theme

What children see before falling asleep is of extreme importance to their personal development. That's why it would be nice for you to come up with a concept for it. In the picture below you have something between separation and accent wall on the bed. They represent a blackboard and this includes mathematics formulas. If your child is talented in this area, it could be quite inspiring. If not, the kids will be stressed out. But you could also choose another topic! What would your child like most?

Accent or dividing wall at the children's high bed? Decorate this with a great theme!

Kinderhochbetten pleasant contrast

A workplace

In many cases children high beds bring a job. This is located in the first level under the bed. Such ideas bring advantages and disadvantages. In a small nursery you will save a lot of space. But the disadvantage is that the child always has the bed in front of his eyes and may be tempted to neglect learning or other strenuous activities far too early.

Children's high bed with integrated workplace

children's beds brown and blue

Adults and transformable designs

As you may have noticed, all of these solutions are multifunctional and thus quite "adult". Because these are design ideas that are generally used in small apartments. Bringing in such kind of ideas in children's rooms is a fundamental trend. Stylish designs, which are adapted to the decoration or the functional needs of the little ones, prevail more and more often. This makes such children's high beds and other children's furniture also very adaptable and adaptable.

You can easily design the children's high bed in accordance with the latest design trends

Kinderhochbetten brown white and purple

Unit including wardrobe, crib and other storage space

children's beds for purple room

crib mattresses in purple

Children's high bed, which gives the little ones a feeling of being grown up!

children's high beds with other functions

children's high beds with seamless design

children's high beds with a slim design

You could introduce new exciting accents in the room through the children's high bed

baby crib modern pink color

children's high beds norway idea

Kinderhochbetten black white and yellow

If you are on natural materials, you can make it a high bed for children (let)

Kinderhochbetten great idea made of wood

Kinderhochbetten different shades of green

Kinderhochbetten white interior

Tailored children's high beds are suitable for children's rooms with atypical floor plans

Kinderhochbetten very bright green

contrasts in purple and white children's high beds

mint green and brown children's high beds

Drawers with various functions are often integrated into children's high beds

pink white children's high beds

black white stripes children's high beds

many drawers in children's high beds

Which colors would you use for your kids loft bed?

white and blue children's beds

white frame children's high beds

woldable children's beds made of wood

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