Ideas for the perfect arrangement of kitchenette in every style

The pantry kitchen could prove to be an ingenious or absolutely catastrophic idea. No one is saved from disappointment with this concept. The pantry kitchen is set for order on simple shelves on which everything is distributed. Just such simple tasks can sometimes be complicated. But the main rulesthat you could hold on to, to avoid too messy results, are not that many. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

A minimalist mini kitchen in the style pantry

elegant bin pantry kitchen

Minimalist Kitchenette

We'll start with a provocation for you that can turn your idea of ​​a pantry kitchen upside down. This concept does not have to be thought to store multiple items. For minimalist kitchen concepts like the one shown above, we limit ourselves to the exhibition of some attractive and representative tableware.

They can be ones that you use more often, but which are more suitable for more special occasions. Of course, they also have a decorative function in this case. So that the uniform appearance of the whole concept is not disadvantaged, all tableware is selected so that they are made of glass and glossy materials. They also correspond with the colors of the rest of the interior and decoration.

Kitchenette looks orderly if you follow certain principles

1459 Marth Stewart Living

Order even in closed shelves

Often you think that if a pantry kitchen has closed shelves, the order inside is not that important. But think twice: such shelves are opened very often and even guests often see them. It does not make a good impression on them, or gives you as a owner no good feeling when there is a mess. In the pantry kitchen, you always have to strive for a certain order, no matter if you are dealing with open storage areas or could hide them.

Find a creative and affordable place for your pantry!

several walls pantry kitchen

organizing principles

Regardless of whether this or other storage space concept is mentioned, there are some principles of order proven in practice. If in doubt, you should always fall back on it. We have already described some of these in more detail in other articles, but here is a brief overview:

  • Order the stowed things by size and shape (so you could use same or similar jars for the most important food such as using rice and pasta and placing them next to each other);
  • Make appealing objects visible and hide others from sight;
  • Using stowage units in similar shapes, colors and materials for a consistent look;
  • Storage units that have a decorative effect at the same time and distract from any errors in the order.

The mini kitchen aesthetically enriches this space

pantry kitchen corner in the kitchen

Integration of the pantry kitchen into the interior design

Many modern designers have resumed their pantry kitchen concept in recent seasons to use it as a solution to super modern designs. We have some such very original examples, such as an accent wall with integrated storage racks. The surface is integrated in the wall in this case and often even beautifully lit. So the products are not only visible, but also exhibited in a spectacular way. Another successful strategy is to use tricky places in the design with the same purpose. Custom built stowage units also occur in places (especially in walls) that could be poorly used for some other purpose.

Kitchenette as an accent wall

pantry kitchen a whole wall

Likewise a built-in wardrobe could accommodate your mini-kitchen

pantry kitchen gray cupboard with storage space

The pantry kitchen cabinet could be placed next to the fridge

pantry kitchen wood shelves arrange

Here is an example of a very sober, individual design

pantry kitchen shelf in precious metal

pantry kitchen shelves on the wall

pantry kitchen rustic design

Kitchenette with modern rustic aesthetics

pantry kitchen look clean

pantry kitchen storage space made of wood

pantry kitchen bin made of wood

The open shelves have many advantages

pantry kitchen great design

pantry kitchen wanhoher closet

shelves and drawers pantry kitchen

Ideal pantry kitchen for rustic kitchen design

cupboard and lemons pantry kitchen

cupboards next to the fridge pantry kitchen

drawer next to the refrigerator pantry kitchen

Your open shelves do not necessarily stand out

all sorts of great ideas pantry kitchen

bin next to the window pantry kitchen

great kitchen pantry kitchen

white high shelves pantry kitchen

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