Ideas for living room design in four trendy colors

Are you looking for new trend colors for your living room furniture? We offer you two solutions. The first is the following: Let our articles on the colors of Pantone (Autumn winter and Spring Summer) to inspire. While it's more about fashion, the color trends apply to the rest of the design as well. There is more talk of particularly modern nuances. In this case, you will learn which basic colors are up to date. Great living room in the trendy colors red and green You will find here, This article focuses on the colors gray, blue, yellow and pink.

Weld the styles together with trend colors

antique room ideas in gray and white trend colors

Various gray trend colors for a sober appearance

The combination of different gray colors gives the interior a sober, so atmospheric atmosphere. At the same time, the alternation between these different variants serves the same shade of welcome dynamics. In our example, gray has also contributed to the smooth transition between plastic and industrial style in this eclectic living room.

Trend colors yellow and blue come here as accents

blue and yellow accents living room ideas trend color

Harmonious rooms in yellow

If you did not have the two following yellow spaces in mind, you would not have thought that so much yellow could work well at one go. The key to success here lies in two things, in our view. First, you have a great change between different yellow variants. In addition, one has added a very strong accent through furniture in a different shade. These two aspects of the living room design are very noticeable and strong. But that is precisely why they give a stable consistent result.

Too much yellow? No, we do not think so!

brown furniture and yellow walls trendy colors

Introduction of trend colors through residential landscapes

Already in the previous examples we had a striking living environment. That's not a coincidence at all. Large-sized furniture in trendy colors are very popular in the current design. Even more trendy, they would work if they are combined with a fancy modern shape.

Furniture in trendy colors are very modern

light pink sofa trendy colors

Pleasant gloomy premises

As we have emphasized several times in our articles on the upcoming fall / winter trends, the mood in the current interior design is a bit gloomy. But this has never been so pleasant as now. It reminds a bit of the autumnal days, when the weather is used as an excuse to retire at home. Furthermore, this ambiance reminds us of the nocturnal forest, which, despite the darkness, is full of life and hope. Especially in the living room, this relaxing atmosphere is very welcome. They achieve this particularly easily by shades of gray as a background and striking accents in the trend color pink.

Trend colors reach the magical mood of the nocturnal forest in this living room design

great gray white interior trend colors

Make sure you balance with neutrals

The trend colors of this season are beautiful, but at the same time very noticeable. We do not want to deny that they bring with them certain dangers of exaggeration. But do not worry, because this year again many neutral colors are announced. Use these abundantly and you will certainly ensure balance and a harmonious mood.

Living room design idea in trend colors blue and yellow

yellow colors blue ideas trend colors

Once again the same colors, but here as accents

yellow and blue nuances trend colors

Balance of bright trend colors and neutrals

yellow residential landscape trend colors

gray and brown ideas trend colors

modern furniture trend colors

Pink and red dominate here, although they had been omitted in the wall design

pink deco pillow ideas trend colors

trendy colors (16)

trendy blue white living room

If you introduce the yellow in a very light shade, it will appear more neutral

Trendy yellow wall design

Trendy yellow sofa with green throw pillows

So you can combine the current colors gray and green in the living room design

Trendy gray and green living room design

Trendy gray white room

Trendy bright furniture and wall colors ideas

Green and yellow result in a relaxing color combination

Trendy green and yellow shades

Trendy bright gray shades - ideas

trendy colors great wall design in pink

Three ideas with gray and other trendy colors

Trendy different rosas

trendy colors white gray ideas

Trendy living room design blue furniture

Two super modern living rooms almost only in gray

Trendy living room design with light gray nuances

Trendy different horror living room ideas

Trendy color living design different blue

Trendy colors between red and pink

Modern blue for the furniture and the wall design

Living ideas blue and white trend colors

living room fashion trend colors yellow and blue

wonderful accents in pink trend colors

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