Hutchison Apartment, renovation in Montreal by Atelier SUWA


The goal was to open and re-configure the premises to better distribute natural light on the living spaces. Also, the goal was to create flexible accommodations for clients who work from home. To do this, SUWA created a central area that bridges the gap between the more private rooms on the side of the street and the work areas on the garden side.

The central room (kitchen, dining room and living room) is structured by a running counter offering a maximum of storage and a folding steel door allowing the desired fluidity between the office and the living rooms. The SUWA team took advantage of the intermediate areas with no natural light to house storage spaces, a laundry room, a shower room and a bathroom on either side of the corridor. In the design process, SUWA has worked closely with its customers to create a simple and warm environment. Together they chose a selection of furniture and objects for their new home.

The architects took care to revive some original features and paid particular attention to the textures, patterns and finishes in order to achieve an overall composition that takes into account the age of the building while remaining fresh and current. To do this, SUWA has used durable, classic materials with contemporary design intermingling with Victorian details. The goal was to create a timeless and sustainable space.

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Photos: Élène Levasseur

Before work:

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