Holiday house in Alicante by Carles Faus Arquitectura

The property is located in Dénia, a coastal town in the province of Alicante, considered one of Spain's most culturally and architecturally rich cities.
The rectilinear shape of the house and the white exterior have been studied to follow the path of light throughout the day, in order to make the most of the Mediterranean sun.
Inside, the house also has white surfaces and is furnished in a minimalist way with raw wood furniture. The interior and exterior spaces are dotted with cactus and a large sliding glass door opens completely onto a terrace overlooking the pool.

The start of the project could result in a large white canvas, white being the main subject. This is the premise that we have followed from beginning to end, the white as a generator and conductor of light.

In Spain, many houses are called "Carmen", a term that now refers to a rustic house, both peaceful and practical.

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Photos © Mariela Apollonio

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