Perfect designing ideas for baby girls – make a colorful decoration for your baby


If the youngest member of your family is getting a separate room at home, then you need to set this up with care! It is the fact that parents take a lot of time to make the most of this space. But it does matter whether you’re expecting a girl or a boy! If you are going to be parents of a girl, then you are at the right place.

If you are in a this kind of search, take a look at this post in detail! Keep reading and be inspired by our interior design ideas for girls’ rooms!

Apart from the right pieces of furniture and accessories, the current color concepts play an essential role in the creation of a cozy and appealing baby room.

Balanced mood and gentle contrasts are very important details and they are what make the baby room a great place. Girl baby rooms are usually characterized by a fine interior design, however  you should also be very creative in general design of this room. Here are some  alternatives for your baby’s room.

Girlish design with distınctıve color combination

girl baby room gray walls pink carpet curtains

Which color is the best for a girl’s baby room?

Pink is the first idea of ​​many parents when it comes to designing a girl’s baby room. But in rooms where a girl will dwell, it is not a rule that pink dominates … Modern combinations of pinks result in an atypical interior, which admires by its uniqueness.


So are you modern color combinations possible with pink, so that a desired interior design is created. For example, it is enough to paint only one wall element in pink to achieve a beautiful girlish look.

The right shades of pink and gray in the girls baby room combine

girl baby room gray white pink accents


You should choose a base color in the room and walls, furniture and accessories should contain these in specific quantities. Gray, purple and pink make a beautiful girl’s nursery. Some color combinations make it possible to find peace and security in the baby room as well as to feel a fresh touch. If you want to create a fresh girl’s room, then put on a color combination of light pink, white and fresh green. However, if you achieve a clearly defined feel-good atmosphere, then opt for color concepts that include light and gentle nuances of pink and orange and warm whites. The color duo of pink and orange in matching shades is another apt combination for your little daughter’s room. Lilac and pink tones could also connect you successfully.

Matching colors for the pitched roof Select baby room

girl baby room light pink walls green accents

Beige completes the pink interior design

girl nursery wall decor pink wallpaper beige curtains



To create a quiet ambience

The baby room could also be designed in other shades that are far from the traditional conceptions of the girl’s baby room. So come to use neutral colors, as well as pastel colors. Designed in such colors, the baby room radiates tranquility. The color duo black and white proves to be another excellent solution, if you strive for a balanced interior design.

Neutral colors are also a good solution for the girls room

girl baby room bright pinks golden accents

Be a little more daring in the design of the girl’s baby room

If, on the other hand, you want to create an exceptional baby room, you should give your imagination free rein. Sometimes it is much easier to design the baby’s room, if you trust in your creativity instead of following certain rules. Some parents have their own idea of ​​how the baby room may look! …

Saturated colors are not the usual choice for the baby room …

girl baby room yellow white combine little baby room set up

We hope you have collected enough inspiration from our Ideabook! As you have convinced yourself, there are a number of matching color combinations for the room of the smallest girls! Do not you like the classic color scheme based on the gender of the baby? Then be creative! Have fun setting up your own baby room!

Create a fresh ambience with colorful accents

girl baby room white furniture white carpet pink elements

A harmonious and at the same time fresh baby room design

girl baby room colored walls rosanuance wooden floor white pieces of furniture

This is certainly not the typical baby room for girls!

girl baby room cute wallpaper white carpet bright chair

Floral designs have their right place here

girl baby room fresh floral wallpaper white baby bed

girl baby room design round rug pink white

girl baby room yellow wall floral pattern

girls baby room gray pink combine carpet white curtains

girl baby room fancy blanket armchair stool

Cute patterns and gentle shades

girl baby room bright shades cute pattern

girl baby room light gray walls white pieces of furniture

girl baby room light pink walls pink carpet white baby bed

girl baby room pink accent wall h4eller wood floor airy room feeling

girl baby room pink gray combination beige walls

Pink and white create a harmonious atmosphere

girl baby room pink walls armchair carpet floor

girl nursery pink white farbduo armchair

girl baby room white furniture pink wall shelf bright walls

girl baby room white walls carpet light gray armchair

Carefully create color contrasts

girl baby room white design pink accents gray armchair

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