Exposed beam: design ideas for different rooms


The beamed ceiling creates a feeling of comfort and warmth in the interior. Regardless of whether it is a building element or it fulfills a decorative function, the look of the spaces changes in a positive aspect. A pthe bottom with beams painted in contrasting color will certainly attract attention by its beautiful visual effect. Otherwise, even colored in the same tone as the ceiling, the planks will not be ignored. Thanks to their distinctive texture they have the ability to showcase the decoration of each piece. We invite you to take a closer look at some ideas for designing spaces with beams. They will help you make a decision about where you can install such a construction in your home.

Rustic style friendly lounge

rustic living room high ceiling exposed beam

The presence of exposed beams on the ceiling can be explained for various reasons:

  1. In private houses the beams are an integral part of the construction. They act as supports for a loft or attic.
  2. The desire to give the interior an exceptional style (country, eco, shabby chic etc)
  3. In order to hide the defects of ceiling.

    Indeed, the installation of beams on the joist junction considerably reduces the cost of the final finish.

  4. We can hide pipes, cables or elements lighting in the cavities of the beams.
  5. Various decorative elements can be attached to wooden, metal or stone beams.

Stylish living room with a ceiling that catches the eye

deo rustic living room ceiling beam

DWhat equipment can a beam be made?

Normally a ceiling beam can be made of natural or artificial material.

  • wood
  • steel
  • aluminum
  • polyurethane

The choice of material, design and layout of the beams is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • The dimensions and shape of the ceiling (horizontal surface or vaulted ceiling, reduced height or multi-level)
  • The decorating style of the room – a classic or ultramodern style
  • The budget for renovation

Classic kitchen with beamed ceilings

convivial kitchen deco ceiling beam apparent dark wood

Examples of use of exposed beams in areas with various functions

Living room

The exposed beam is most often associated with the living room. This Spacious room that reunites family members probably deserves a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. One of the possible designs of the ceiling in the living room includes the use of wood as a cladding and decorative material. Except that the wooden ceiling provides natural warmth and character on the inside, it can also be used as a camouflage for some systems such as ventilation and electrical cables. lamps for example.

Another way to embellish the ceiling in the living room is to opt for the white color and to paint the boards and beams. In addition, it would be pbetter not to use a dark color for rooms with low ceilings and small rooms so as not to create the feeling of suspended ceiling on the head.

Living room with camouflaged beams

white living room ceiling beam painted

You can also use a clear finish for the beams that contrasts with the hue of the ceiling or on the contrary, bet on dark wood beams and a white ceiling. Furthermore, lA color of beams may be present on windows and doors, as well as on some furniture or the finishing of the floor. This will contribute to the overall harmony of space. Indeed, ifceiling beams are made of the same kind of wood as the furniture, the result is an original alliance and, at the same time, organic.

Beautiful alliance of colors

living room with ceiling wood beam ceiling fireplace


Using exposed beams to decorate the ceiling of the room is rare. However, you can find a constructive as well as a decorative solution if the height of the ceiling allows it, of course. With beams of the right size and layout, you can give your sleeping space a elegant structure, a dynamic and natural warmth.

Ceiling arrangement: exposed beams arranged in square composition

white room decor cream ceiling beam apparent

Indeed, for a room located in the attic the wooden beam is a fairly logical and design solution because, above all, it is a part of the building’s supporting structure. In addition, a vaulted ceiling with visible joists creates a feeling of space and freedom.

Vaulted ceiling and rough wood planks

large room salmon-colored ceiling beam apparent

The exposed beam in the bedroom may be painted in the same color as the ceiling surface or serve as a contrast element. On his part,beams that mimic the hue and natural pattern of the flooring or furniture, apparently have an organic appearance.

Dark wood beams to accent on the ceiling deco

decorative warm room ceiling beam apparent

The white ceiling beams are suitable for an interior with any style of decoration. Logically, meven a room with a low ceiling would seem light and airy. The white tone of finish ceiling does not contain the room, even in the case of very large exposed beams.

Using rounded beams in the room is a good idea. The proximity of nature, the rustic romance and the natural color palette certainly have a positive impact on the atmosphere of the room intended for sleep and rest.

Idea ceiling for a room painted in neutral color

white room deco ceiling beam apparent round

Kitchen and dining room

The white color in the cooked small size is a perfect option for a visual extension of the space. However, it is necessary to avoid association with the sterile atmosphere of a hospital. For this purpose,The dark wood beams would help to give a bit of contrast and dynamism to such a bright room. The planks in dark colors would be a nice reminder of nature and of rural life.

Beautiful contrast between the beams and the hue of the ceiling surface

open plan kitchen ceiling beam massive exposed

A kitchen entirely decorated with natural wood invites the use of natural materials also for the ceiling covering. When kitchen cabinets occupy the entire space and blend with exposed beams made from the same species of wood, this combination certainly creates an impression of infinite space. The final result is a warm and friendly cuisine.

The wood occupies all the space and creates the impression of extension

wooden kitchen ceiling beam ceiling

The rustic style dining room is absolutely charming. The use of natural wood creates a warm atmosphere, ideal for family eating. The wooden ceiling beams play an important role in the atmosphere of this room where everyone must feel at ease. The roughly cut planks would help bring some rusticity also in a traditional style space. They will contrast with the rest of the interior not only by their color but also by their interesting texture.

Original decoration for the dining room with high ceiling

dining room chic deco ceiling beam apparent solid wood

The metal-painted ceiling beams blend perfectly into a kitchen with appliances and worktops in steel.

It is not mandatory that exposed beams be made of wood

stainless steel kitchen ceiling beam ceiling


It is rare to see an apparent beam in the bathroom of an apartment. It is rather a decoration reserved for modern private houses where the height of the ceiling is enviable. In addition,Many homeowners feel that wood has no place in this room. This is mainly because of its low resistance to water. However, there are two ways to solve this problem. First, you can use antiseptic sprays that protect the surface from moisture. Or, vYou can also use polyurethane wood instead of natural wood. In any case, these methods to import rural motifs in the interior require good ventilation in addition.

Bathroom design with exposed beams

deco bathroom ceiling beam in dark wood

Hollow beam ceilings in bathrooms can be used for example for the installation of the In this way vWe can not only change the appearance of the environment but also create a safer place by isolating the electrical devices from moisture.

Lighting idea for the bathroom

bathroom ceiling beam ceiling

bedroom ceiling low ceiling beam apparent round

wood kitchen worktop marble ceiling beam apparent

open kitchen ceiling beam apparent composition square

Adopt the decor apparent beam in the living room

decorating living room cream ceiling beam apparent

decorative ceiling attic ceiling exposed beam

deco rustic bathroom ceiling beam apparent gross

deco living room wood and natural stone ceiling beam apparent

Exposed wooden beam and metal appliances

idea kitchen design stainless steel ceiling beam

deco bathroom wood and concrete ceiling beam apparent

kitchen industrial stools ceiling beam exposed rough

decorative living room ceiling beam apparent dark wood

Creative decoration for the living room ceiling

rustic living room decoration vaulted ceiling exposed beam

living room parquet laminate vaulted ceiling exposed beam

bathroom under roof deco tiling and stone ceiling beam apparent

Idea ceiling modern living room

decorative living room ceiling beam apparent round

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