Current kitchen trends 2019 – Ideas and inspirations

The description of the kitchen trends 2019 we would like to start with highlighting some color accents. You will surely find out from the following examples that they are yellow and gray. They are very often to be found in a combination. The American kitchen, wholly or by some elements as inspiration, is also very often seen. From a practical point of view, you always try to make better use of the small space. In addition, one tries to leave much room for kitchen design for new ideas and experiments without sacrificing the good style.

Yellow-gray is a very popular color combination in modern kitchen design

gekbe color great kitchen trends

Kitchen Trends 2019 – the small premises

It is not to be overlooked that the contemporary kitchens have much less space than the old ones. This is not always the perfect place for the family gathering. One could integrate many elements of traditional kitchen design and one tries to do that also during the kitchen trends 2019.

The key to success lies in the minimalist furniture that reflects the traditional furniture in a simplified form. Conspicuous is the zoning within the kitchens and the fact that the integration of kitchen facilities in other premises is gaining more and more popularity.

Different greens are modern

exotic wallpaper kitchen trends

Original floor design

With the kitchen trends 2019, a high value is placed on the floor design. The preferred materials for the modern glamorous effect are aluminum and copper. On the other hand, you prefer natural materials such as natural stone, dark wood and such in a natural look. Concrete is still very popular. The combinations of natural valuable materials, as well as different colors occur more often.

Combination of glamorous and natural materials

shine in the silver kitchen trends

Vibrant patterns for the vertical surfaces

You could say that you really like living patterns on vertical surfaces. One observes colored ethnic inspirations. The eye-catching colors for the kitchen cabinets and the walls are in any case super popular. A typical example is the picture below. For the back of the kitchen you have chosen exotic-looking tiles. A zone in the kitchen, which is intended for the preparation of food, has been marked with red cabinets. The picture can be found below in the picture gallery. Another room is distinguished in its particularity because of its vertical blue wall. Such bold color combinations are quite common in the kitchen trends of 2019. Furthermore, one notices the double functionality. The kitchen island can also serve here as a work surface for food preparation and for schoolwork.

Kitchen Centrens 2019 include many neutrals

gloss in gray and white kitchen trends

natural wood

Among the natural materials, we have already mentioned the wide use of wood. But we would like to say a little bit more about this trend, because it dominates very much in the kitchen trends 2019. Gladly processed within this current design, old furniture and refreshes the wood surface. Furthermore, they integrate furniture with a classic look and make them part of the kitchen trends 2019. An interesting tendency is also that you like to design kitchens simultaneously with wood and tiles. You like to stick to the natural zones and this creates a sophisticated, but very discreet look.

Vibrant color combinations as in nature

blue kitchen cabinets Kitchen trends

Inspired by American kitchens

The inspiration of American fresh designs is clearly evident in the kitchen trends for 2019. Here one has to do mainly with the division of the kitchen surfaces. You can really speak of inspiration rather than one-to-one adoption of this model. In small apartments, this principle is used to divide multifunctional spaces into different zones.

The modern gray in combination with mirror surfaces

glossy surfaces kitchen trends

Creative lights

Setting accents in kitchens with creative lighting is not new. But one has to mention that this trend will continue over the next few months. What strikes a little more than in the past, are the unusual combinations of different lights, which together make up a beautiful constellation. The use of different colors is also very popular.

Modern materials for the work surface in combination with wood

gray and white in combination kitchen trends

Special tips for kitchen equipment 2019

In terms of colors, in addition to the use of yellow and gray, orange and red are also preferred. Different shades are also used well. Deep blue and other saturated colors are popular. You like to combine with neutrals and primary colors to get a balance. Not only the colors are playful, but also the textures and the light. The different nuances of the forest are also present in the kitchen trends, as in all areas of design and fashion. Such are the different brown shades inspired by specific tree species. In the kitchens, the oak tree is particularly popular with its color.

Rural and modern at the same time – this is one of the kitchen trends of 2019

Hozl and other materials kitchen trends

The simplicity is very modern

The aspect of simplicity in the clean lines must be present in a modern kitchen in 2019. Sometimes you can use it to get an interesting contrast. This could be done e.g. combine vibrant and diverse colors with clean lines. In general, we should choose a concept that is clear. Luxurious charisma and accessibility at the same time – two contradictory qualities that the kitchen trends of 2019 try to combine.

Many different blues are IN in 2019

Kitchen trends modern gray color

Kitchen trends wide table kitchen island

Kitchen Trends 2019 – original floor design

Kitchen trends colorful floor design

Kitchen trends with a dense radiant accent

Kitchen trends are gray and brown

Kitchen trends geographic pattern ideas

Many modern brown nuances are inspired by nature

Kitchen trends dark brown idea

Kitchen trends gray and brown

Kitchen trends green tiles ideas

Green wall with vertical garden – very popular in 2019

Kitchen trends green wall with plants

Kitchen trends light green shades

Modern are, among other things, the colors of the forest – such as green and purple

Kitchen trends purple flowers are great

Modiani LLC - Kadar Residence

Kitchen trends several earthly details

Modern kitchen furniture with antique accents

Kitchen trends modern with antique accents

Kitchen trends modern with natural stone

Kitchen trends optimal zoning

Natural wood comes in modern interior design in many different forms

Kitchen trends rustic look

Kitchen trends symmetrical design

Kitchen trends great accessories

Patchwork – Tile design for the kitchen back wall – also very modern

Kitchen Trends Great Ethnic Patterns

Kitchen trends great idea for the sink

Kitchen trends great shelf ideas

Berry colors and wood in Kombo – just as acute

Kitchen trends great red kitchen island

Kitchen trends great kitchen table

Kitchen trends together with living room

Homely natural color kitchen design with lots of light

several noveaus at the kitchen trends

several nveaus kitchen trends

orange accent wall Kitchen trends

Vintage flair with natural wood

razue appearance kitchen trends

chess matte great kitchen trends

Floating kitchen island in the middle of kitchen trends

Combination of tiles and wood – very modern

Scandinavian and minimalist kitchen trends

super modern kitchen trends

great division kitchen trends

Yellow forms great accents in the room here

great yellow accent kitchen trends

great idea for the kitchen trends

great ideas neutral kitchen trends

The accent lights are again very topical

great room separation and design kitchen trends

entangled room - great kitchen trends

white artisan kitchen trends

Black and white kitchen design

white great industrial kitchen trends

wonderful idea kitchen trends

wonderful great furniture kitchen trends

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