15+ Trendy decoration ideas in four of the colors for 2019


Here we are with our last article on interior design and trend colors! We divided these into three – bathroom design, living room and decoration ideas. The trend colors that will be discussed here are blue, gray, yellow and pink. Here are some great ideas for the bathroom and living room, The examples presented below show Deko ideas in the widest sense of the word and encompass all spaces. So they could provide you with all-encompassing inspiration.

One likes to combine blue with gray in the decoration ideas

Abstrakes in blue decoration ideas

Trend colors 2019 – Gray in many nuances as the new black

That gray is the new black, that’s been the case for some years. It is definitely nothing new. But in the coming seasons, we will see this strategy more often than before. We could speak of a climax in this Hisnicht, so to speak.



You try to combine different gray nuances with each other and thus achieve a layered look. This is a very modern trend in itself. Pairing with blue – an equally popular trend color is also great in.

Yellow and gray complement each other very well

decoration ideas chevron pattern in two shades


Yellow can not be too much

Yellow is also one of the very latest trend colors. We can see from the examples below that this can never really be too much. You can combine brighter with not too saturated nuances. Likewise, yellow is often staged by patterns. Just as an example we see in the picture below. There you have, as is often the case at the moment, opt for mating with gray. For all colors, there is one thing that is illustrated in this image: using some accessories gives you the chance to intensify or reduce the influence of a color at any time.

Blue is often used in Oriental-style interiors

decoration ideas yellow beautiful accents

Oriental and nautical looks in blue

The popularity of the blue color, in our opinion, is also related to the popularity of two themes – the oriental and the nautical. They come together with the corresponding patterns, accessories and color combinations. This is exactly what makes the use of the blue color quite meaningful and logical. It does not seem quirky or “too much”. Blue will combine with another trend color – green, especially in nautical interiors. This also applies to shades that mix in both nuances.

Rosa is a trend color that likes to be neutral.

decor ideas interesting wall design



The gentler version of red is pink

Rosa is the fourth of the trend colors that we want to draw your attention to today. It is popular in itself, but often in the next few seasons it will have a special function, namely to replace the red shading. It often occurs in the Christmas decoration together with green. One likes to decide for very bright or pastel shades that look as neutral as possible. For a current-looking vintage style actually perfect.

Monochrome gray color palette with yellow

deco ideas designer seats in yellow

Monochrome color palettes with many accents

Certainly there are many different factors why these and no other colors are particularly relevant. But we would like to emphasize one here in particular. It is just that you can create very well monochrome interior with these colors, which is enriched with glaring shades. This kind of interior design and decoration is a kind of modern classic, which we will see in the coming months especially often.

Blue in a nautical decoration concept

decoration ideas gray blue furniture

deco ideas brown gray furniture ideas

Gray living room with layered look

decoration ideas bright green decoration

Another ultramodern combination of blue and gray

deco ideas art leather in black and blue

Accessories are a good strategy for introducing trendy colors

decoration ideas lampshade as a yellow accent

Another layer-look inspiration – this time in pink

decoration ideas lilas and gray

deco ideas bold design with a lot of yellow

deco ideas pink purple great

Green and yellow – an often-seen color duo

decoration ideas round sofa

Decorative ideas carpet with geometric patterns

decor ideas great pictures for the bedroom furniture

You would like to have layered look with gray? Maybe you like the following ideas

decoration ideas great gray design

deco ideas great red throw pillow

decoration ideas gray residential landscape

Yellow is currently probably the most popular color to set the accents

deco ideas obsolete style yellow design

Decoration ideas yellow in the corner

deco ideas yellow and beige

Two more ideas of inspiration in blue

decoration ideas gray abstract panels

decor ideas green landscapes

Chairs in trendy colors

Decorated idea chairs in three colors

deco ideas great wood ideas

decor ideas great living room design

If you choose wall design in a trend color, make sure you like it in the long run

brown and blue decorating ideas Fresh 15 Beautiful Dark Blue Wall Design Ideas

design ideas in yellow decoration ideas

Extravagant home decor ideas

Decorative ideas in trendy yellow

yellow flowers decoration ideas

patterned pillow decoration ideas

gray yellow wall decor ideas

gray flair decoration ideas

Rosa often appears as red in the following months

green accent wall decoration ideas

light blue wall decor ideas

bright gray decoration ideas

Particularly modern-looking interior in pink

Contrast purple and black decor ideas

ideas in blue and gray decoration ideas

Interior of living room with sofa rendering

The curtains and throw pillows we see here in a very modern green nuance

Gray And Turquoise Living Room Decor Entrance Living Room Modern Gray Turquoise Inside Gray Gold Of Best Pictures

open plan deco ideas

panels in yellow and green decoration ideas

Three great examples of the introduction of trend colors through accessories

rough furniture decoration ideas

red home decor ideas

bowl with yellow accents decoration ideas

So you could use a trend color as an accent

great blanket in orange decoration ideas

great design in white and yellow deco ideas

great design in brown and white deco ideas

Flashy color combinations with an accent on a trend color

different blue decoration ideas

different pink decoration ideas

white and brown decoration ideas

white and blue decoration decorating ideas

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