Breton house – the charm of the typical Breton house

The Breton house embodies the spirit of our ancestors

The region of Brittany is a land where traditions are always alive. Although time passes and the wind of progress blows here, wild landscapes do not seem to change. The typical houses of cut stone tell stories of a harsh climate, a proud people and his art of living. Today we zoom in on the Breton house, an honored part of our national heritage.

The Breton houses are authentic and charming

Breton house made of stone and granite

Breton house stubble and stones

The characteristics of a typical Breton house

Indeed, the Breton house can adopt very original styles and silhouettes according to the peculiarities of the building. On the other hand, there are common characteristics for dwellings in this region. For example granite walls, steep slate roofs, exterior and interior shutters, double windows and south orientation are complemented by decorations varied in the spirit seaside Whatever their vision, traditional or just a little influenced by contemporary trends, Breton homes always leave the impression of being welcoming and warm. Mainly, we can differentiate several types of architecture.

Elegant Breton house

Breton house

house in brittany longère

The seaside style

house in Brittany

The farmhouse

The farmhouse is a type of rural real estate that can be found in all departments of Brittany. Indeed, the name means house in development in length. A farmhouse is traditionally built in a rectangular shape. In addition, it has a roof with two slopes and windows at its limit. The external staircase is obligatory. Regarding the rooms, they are in a row, which is a particularity of these houses. Each farmhouse is oriented with the back of the house facing the direction of the prevailing wind. Built with local materials, it bears a local Breton name.

There are longhouses on the coast; they are rather fishermen's houses

Breton farmhouse with shutters painted in blue

The particularity of the longhouses is that all the rooms are often arranged in a row

longère bretonne

The cottage

The name of the hovel now comes from its thatched roof, wheat, rye or reeds. This Breton house is typically rural. Built of local materials such as clay, wood and stones, it is made at the lowest price.

A cottage is composed of rooms in a row and each has a window and and a door leading to another room. The typical white color of the walls is due to a mixture of sand, lime and linen.

In fact, the native Breton cottages are rare today because their building materials are gradually replaced by the modern ones.

The cottage is a traditional rural house

typical cottage for brittany

Old renovated Breton cottage

Breton thatched cottage

The penti (fisherman's house)

Penti is a small house in a fishing village located along the coast of the Brittany peninsula. With a two-storey roof with skylights, it consists of two rooms downstairs and another upstairs just under the roof in the attic. The materials used for the construction of the coastal houses are: stones, slates (thatch), granite. The woodwork of these houses is often painted blue.

The pentis consists of three rooms, including one attic

penti brittany

Clear colors and windows with views of the beach or the countryside, this is typical for fisherman's homes

fisherman's house brittany

The house to advanced

In Brittany there are so-called "houses to advanced". These houses have a lateral projection on which the roof goes down and seem to grow new parts. But there are also houses with advanced, characterized by their "advanced" pinion that are encountered around Morlaix.

The house to advanced is one of the prototypes of the Breton house

house in advanced brittany

brittany house to advanced

The malouinière

In the region of Saint-Malo, we meet the malouinières, beautiful granite houses used as second homes. Built in the time of privateers in the 17-18th century, these prestigious residences inherit the famous mansions with slate roofs with four slopes and high chimneys. Built in the same spirit but on the other hand a little more modest, one can also admire the houses of captain. They are equipped with cellars where, in the past, the treasures were stored.

More prestigious, the malouinières are rather characteristic of the region of Saint-Malo

Brittany malouinière

The malouinière has a special charm both outside and inside

malouinière typical house for brittany

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