Beam apparent to resize the interior and sublimate the decor

How do you know if a beam ceiling is suitable for your interior? It is above all a personal preference. However, it is necessary to know the criteria of evaluation of the space to obtain an esthetic result. Indeed, beams can be a good decision for your ceiling….. or not. It all depends on their size and shape, their placement (the space between them), their configuration and their color. Let's see how each of the characteristics of the beams can determine their visual impact on the decor. Finally, they can enhance or spoil the design of your room.

The exposed beam fits in both the classic interior and the modern interior

bathroom vaulted ceiling beam

Size and shape of the apparent beam

Ceiling beams come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be thick, thin, square, rectangular or round. Choosing their dimensions and their vision is a crucial step which consequently has a great influence on the choice of furniture and decoration for the room.

Here are the general rules to respect when selecting:

  • Large beams are suitable for larger spaces with a traditional or eclectic interior design style.
  • The finer beams are adaptable to small or medium sized rooms with a more modern or minimalist decor.
  • The rounded beams fit well into large, rustic-style rooms.

What will happen if you do not follow these guidelines? Instead of beautifying the interior you will clutter it.

Thick beam in the living room

lounge carpet soft ceiling beam apparent

Beams in the kitchen

open kitchen ceiling beam apparent fine

Position of the beams

The distance between the supports of the joists can make or break the efficiency of the decoration of a ceiling. If the beams are very close together, it will make the atmosphere rather stifling than welcoming. On the contrary, too far apart from each other, your beams can give the impression of several pieces of wood that you had superfluous and that you have stored on the ceiling.

Beams approached

cozy living room ceiling beam apparent dark wood

Beams spaced

white living room ceiling beam apparent dark wood

How to determine the correct place of each beam?

In fact, there are no established standards. In general, the smaller the room, the more you need to space your planks. The larger the room, the more beams you can install on the ceiling. Indeed, the most difficult task is to correctly calculate their number. If the room looks crowded, it means you have too many beams. If the eye is attracted by the expanse between them rather than the beams themselves, it seems that you have been very sparing with your ceiling deco.

In this room the beams are too close together. Un smaller number could create the feeling of space

living room exposed beam ceiling

The colors of the ceiling correspond to the colors of the floor in this blue room

blue bedroom ceiling exposed beam light wood


Well understood, joists supports can do more than hang from the ceiling. They can indeed be used for its architectural purposes. For example, they can be recessed into the ceiling in the traditional way or create complex shapes in vaulted ceiling designs with "floating" beams.

So, how to equip your ceiling? This question is easy. In general terms, the higher it is, the more you can play with the configuration of the beams. In fact, a vaulted ceiling calls rather a complex design. Otherwise, being extremely high, this type of ceiling can create a feeling of cold and empty.

Regarding the type of configuration of planks, the more your design is regular and square, the more the look of your ceiling will be traditional. Unusual triangular designs evoke the modern touch.

In this room two extra beams would create a greater balance in space

small kitchen ceiling beam apparent dark wood

Vaulted ceiling with a complex configuration of the beams

cozy living room ceiling beam apparent complex configuration

Apparent beam color

Matching the color of your beams with the hue of your ceiling certainly has a great influence on the overall look of the interior. Currently, you have the choice. Hide your beams with a color that unifies with that of the ceiling, leave them raw, opt for a shade that matches the furniture by neglecting the color of the ceiling, or combine the hues of all elements of the decor of the room. so that you get an optical harmony.

Painted beams

chic living room ceiling beam painted

As with the other features of the apparent beam, there is some dependence between its color and the size of the room. The more the color of the media contrasts with the color of your ceiling or the decoration of the room, the more these decorative elements will have an impact on your space. If you have a big room, that's fine. If the room is small, you will end it visually if you use too much contrast.

In this open kitchen the beams do not match the furniture but their color coordinates well with the other shades of the room

kitchen and dining room industrial style exposed beam ceiling

Finally, let's pay attention to the fusion of the color of the beams with the rest of the decor of the room. Of course, you do not have to choose furniture or accessories of the same color as the color of your beams, but you still have to consider the chromatic balance. We must not forget that planks are not simply suspended from the ceiling. They must marry well with the rest of the room. In short, it is good to coordinate their color with the hue of your furniture, your walls, the flooring, curtains etc.

The color of the beams is the same as that of the bed

classic bedroom ceiling beam ceiling

What to do if you have bad beams?

If you already have beams that violate the rules listed above and their appearance is less pleasant, you have two choices. First, you can completely remove the old beams or install others in their place. Since they can also be created with false materials, the cost of a beam ceiling is not as prohibitive as before. So it is not mandatory that your beams are only wood.

Second, if the price is too high for your budget or you do not want to bother, the easiest solution for intrusive beams is to paint them the same color as the ceiling.

Camouflaged beams

classic room ceiling beam painted

elegant living room vaulted ceiling beam

Great color contrast on the ceiling

white room ceiling beam apparent in dark wood

white kitchen ceiling beam painted

The beams can enhance the decor of each room

large room cream white color ceiling beam apparent

Massive rounded beams

rustic house ceiling beam apparent

bright ceiling beamed dining room

rustic living room beam ceiling

Add some pep to the decoration

modern living room ceiling beam square

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