Attic decoration: how to optimize the space under your roof ?


Living rooms in lofts become more and more trendy in the most recent years. They may be unusual but they are  very functional.  Their architectural merits, as well as their classic and sophisticated style cannot  be underestimated.

If you want to enjoy an attic space in your home, it will be useful for you to know their main advantages along with tips for furnishing these places. In this post, we will talk about development of attic spaces. Hope you would be inspired by these brilliant ideas!

Brillıant Ideas for Attic places

Technically, attic room represents the top floor of a building, located just under the roof. The term “attic” is generally used to describe an upper floor or an attic in a building. Indeed, the attic refers to a large adaptable surface, often located in an old industrial building, which is designed for residential use.

If you have this kind of space and if you need another room, bathroom or home office, you can start to turn this space into a practical space to use. 

Once you know your priorities, look at the floor plan to determine the best way to design the room. Also, remember that most attics have sloped ceilings, which could restrict you in choosing the type of furniture.

Attic landscaping is a great way to add extra space. However, be aware that such a project requires a large investment. But finally, it’s definitely worth it!

advantages of attic SPACES

High ceilings

Most attics have high ceilings, which can be a big plus, especially for small houses. Even the smallest roof would look much more spacious than a usual apartment of the same size.

Natural light

With the high ceilings go the large windows that provide natural light for the interior.

Open design

Lack of interior walls in these attic spaces gives you the perfect opportunity to shape the space as you wish.

Industrial elements

Another fascinating benefit of attic spaces is their industrial style. Brick walls, for example, or pipes and air ducts that are common in this type of housing, help to create a very trendy interior.

How to build attics ? here are some inspiring examples

It is true that this room loses a lot of space because of slopped ceilings. On the other hand, this feature gives this kind of places a distinguishing character. Here are some creative examples of attic space decoration ideas. 

– In this example,  some of the beams were painted white in order to to install wood furniture. There is no glut of wood

attic design idea bedroom wooden furniture warm and pastel colors

A good example of attic bedroom. The design is very simple and functional. It perfectly gives the sense of relaxation.

focus on simplicity with classic armchairs in neutral colors and opt for chic accessories like this mirror and rug

attic design idea living room warm atmosphere

This is really a perfect relaxation area in an attic space. Since we all love to spend time with our family or friends, rest time is very precious to us.

 – This bathroom certainly presents the wish lists of most people. YOU CAN Create a relaxation area LIKE THIS.

attic design idea bathroom white

This is a luxury space with huge proportions and golden accessories. Do not forget the incredible design chandelier and the high multi-angle ceiling


– Leave an unpainted wall and expose the masonry that looks particularly cool in attics with a sloped ceiling.

attic design bedroom idea rough brick walls

If your bricks are not in good condition, there are a lot of wallpapers that will help you create the same look, so do not feel obligated to fix anything in your attic room.


– Designıng a two-level space carefully  wıll be enough for you. you can have a bathroom with a living room or a bathroom with a bedroom.

attic bathroom design idea

Attic landscaping. Here we have an example of bathroom and a bedroom underneath. Depending on your wish, you can also create a sleeping area above a living room or vice versa

– The use of an unframed glass sheet, held in place by two stainless steel bars, keeps the space out of this minimal bathroom absolutely dry

bathroom idea layout of attics

This is good example of bathroom that presents the idea. Glass, steel bars and other materials help can you to keep your place safe out of water. 

– If all you are looking for is some extra storage space in a room, why not install a sturdy ladder to access the attic.

attic design idea bedroom

This is a great way to get the most out of unused space without having to build expensive stairs. It’s also an amazing feature: who would not want to have a little hole to hide?


– Rooms in the attic can be difficult to furnish due to sloping ceilings, so consider installing custom wall cabinets.

child room attic design idea

– When space is limited, focus on the simple color scheme.

bedroom with bathroom attic layout

This room is furnished in stained wood and painted white paint, keeping a light, bright and sophisticated feel


attic design idea flooring parquet

It’s a good idea if you want to add extra space to an open room with a high ceiling. On the other hand, an engineer will have to calculate well the soil resistance


arrangement attics idea layout furniture

attic design rest area Scandinavian style

attic design idea living room parquet wood

child's room idea realization layout of the attic

You can use a lot of textile in your space. This is a way of reducing the level of unpleasant noises.

You can also put rugs, curtains and other textile items. They will not only smother the different noises, but will also help you bring comfort to the attic

idea child's room modern attic

large landscaping attic

Scandinavian living room attic design idea

modern bathroom attic layout

modern living room attic design idea Scandinavian design

The industrial chic of the attics can be seamlessly combined with contemporary interior solutions.

Attic landscaping. You can experiment with various eclectic combinations without limiting yourself to a certain interior style

contemporary living room idea realization development of attic

luminous nursery attic

bedroom rustic style attic

idea bedroom attic

eclectic show realization development of attic

Attic design: living room, dining room and kitchen

attic layout living room kitchen and dining room

contemporary bedroom attic

bedroom rustic style attic layout

children's room in the attic

modern kitchen attic

bedroom idea original arrangement of attics

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