Best example of the traditional Japanese houses

Japanese architecture is spectacular and it is arousing curiosity of all people around the world. Especially, in the most recent years, the traditional Japanese houses have become extremely influential. Designs of Japanese architects are very good examples of traditional art. 

Japanese practicality in architecture is now more common. It is also possible to see Japanese simplicity in some other architectural works around the world.

Here are some features of Japanese architecture and traditional Japanese houses;

  • “Minka” is the name of  traditional houses in Japan. It means “house of the people”. Nowadays, artisans, merchants and peasants more often prefer these kind of traditional structures.
  • There are two types of minka in Japan. Town houses are called as “machiya” while country houses are called as “noka”.
  • It is also possible to see this kind of houses are also used for different aims. Some restaurants, museums, hotels, shops use “minka”s as their business bases.
  • Since the cost of traditional houses is higher than other structures, number of traditional houses has decreased significantly. Higher risk of bad weather also affect the number of newly built traditional houses.
  • Traditional Japanese houses generally have four living rooms. Each room is called with a different name. “Irori, tokonoma, zashiki” are given to these living rooms in Japan. 
  • Japanese people use clay, wood and bamboo to build the traditional houses. Made of these materials, these houses endure 20-30 years. After this period, they may require repair, restoration and reconstruction. 
  • Here are some images from one of the best examples of traditional Japanese house; 

japanese interior

traditional house in japan

Japanese traditional house garden


traditional japanese garden

Japanese house entrance


piece in japan


interior design piece japan


Japanese house living room


residence interior design japan


Japanese house rest room


Japanese dwelling


Japanese traditional house piece


traditional japanese bedroom


traditional japan bathtub


japan interior garden

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