Alpine chalets in a ski resort in Italy by Network of Architecture

Located in the heart of the ski slopes, the area was originally occupied in the mid-nineteenth century by a group of seven barns which were later replaced by a single large building and a church that remains intact. NOA saw the project as an opportunity to "return to the roots of the place".

The architects have extended the accommodation with these seven new chalets and a wellness area, and have also renovated the original structure used by the hotel. The architects felt it was important that the hotel's offer could be improved without disrupting the site's strong natural qualities.

The layout, structure and appearance of the new buildings are inspired by the history of the site. The new chalets follow the original barn plan on the site, while traditional techniques from South Tyrol have been used, such as wooden shingles for roofs. The distinctive facades, built with stacked solid blocks of wood, are based on the rural stadel, a type of barn.

The rustic, wood-clad look of these structures "allows the interior to blend in with the outdoors," said Profanter. The new cottages are arranged in pairs and provide four new rooms each, for a total of 24 on the site. Each rests on a concrete plateau and inside the walls covered with wood create a cozy mountain chalet atmosphere.

The interior of the historic structure, in the center of the complex, has been completely re-configured to provide a restaurant, lobby, lounge and restaurant, both for guests and for passing skiers, with a bar with giant fir trunk. Wood panels cover the walls and ceiling, behind which are soundproofing panels that help dampen the sound.

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pictures: Alex Filz


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