Veranda roof decoration ideas


Veranda is ideal to add space to your home and to spend pleasant moments of relaxation in any season. Aesthetics of the veranda roof is certainly important. Beside its aesthetics, you should also make sure that  weather resistance, air and water tightness and good thermal insulation is guaranteed.

Your choice on material of the roof is as important step. Selection criteria depend mainly on thermal insulation needs, sunshine of the region, your budget and your aesthetic criteria. In general you have 4 possibilities to equip the roof from your veranda:; glass; polycarbonate panels; the opaque plates, tiles. If you are looking for decoration alternatives for your roof, you can take at the following ideas. You will see different design and material alternatives.

for example it is a veranda with glass roof

glass roof

for example it's a glass veranda roof

veranda roof made of synthetic material

polycarbonate veranda roof

for example it is a veranda with polycarbonate roof

polycarbonate panels on a veranda roof

porch with opaque plates

example of veranda with an opaque flat roof

opaque roof

for example it is a veranda tiled roof

roofing traditional tiles

veranda tiled roof

veranda roof

The thermal insulation must be of quality, the same for sound insulation while remaining robust against the bad weather

veranda roof

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