14 models of short haircuts

The haircuts for women who wear their short hair are much more varied than one might imagine. Indeed, hairdressers can play with volumes and contrasts to create completely original hairstyles. You only have to look at the pictures that follow to see how much they have imagination.

For example, the ears can be hidden under a wick or completely uncovered, and the bangs can be very short or, on the opposite, very long and swept on the forehead. As for how to style the top of the head, the options are multiple, ranging from very short gradient to longer strands on the top of the head and skilfully capped into a structured mess. Everything is allowed when one has short hair!

In 2016, the colors are always in the spotlight and the colors are still bright. To follow the trend, you can dare fuchsia or blue, for a rock look. Do not hesitate to create contrasts in your hair, even in coloring, by applying two or three different colors. The more classic women, they, can stick to the locks of pale color, which will bring a lot of light to the hairstyle.

The beautiful haircuts that we present on this page will convince you to opt for the court. Discuss with your hairdresser to find the haircut that will personalize your style.

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