42 colorful baby room decoration ideas for a colorful start in life


If you are not in the shoes of a mother or a father, you can easily judge from afar about many topics and throw the conventional nursery decorating ideas with ease over the board. The world is not just about Pink and blue, one thinks and then wonders that many shops use exactly this color scheme when it comes to the design of the baby room. Willing to break the stereotype again, we have chosen the (not very easy) task for today, Baby room decoration ideas to propose, in the design of other colors are used. For this we ask several important questions, what a little baby in his room really needs. What does his parents need and why does one make such a big issue out of the needs of such a small person?

Baby room decoration ideas in many colors and color combinations

baby room decoration ideas MOEBEL DESIGN

Baby room decoration Ideas that just seem different

Children love all colors and we adults were also small children some time ago. With the following examples we would like to find out how Baby room in many popular colors and color combinations appear and act on us and our children. Of course you can not design a three-dimensional space in a single color.



In every room design one strives to achieve contrasts and to bring about a harmonious design. In contemporary interiors, one deliberately chooses monochrome furniture and compensates for the color design with fresh wall paint. Wanddeko from letters or matching motifs are also preferred and allow an individual room design.

The baby room design results from the wishes and needs of the parents

baby room decoration ideas winni pooh


Very popular today is the homemade decoration, which is also under DIY decoration knows. Pompom and tassels can be designed with ease and give the baby room an extra individual touch. Of course, you should be careful that the chic decoration will not endanger your little one.

The atmosphere in the baby room is crucial for the well-being of the mom

baby room decoration ideas colorful colors letters

Whether one chooses more intense or paler colors for his interior design, it is a matter of taste. The colors play with the light together, therefore it would be wrong to generalize that the delicate colors are the better choice.

You can even implement crazy ideas with pastel colors

baby room decoration ideas colorful colors



Baby furniture and what you can not do without

What does a baby room really need and what do we call baby room furniture?

The furniture is primarily about functionality and when the first child is born in a family, the newly-minted parents should choose a comfortable and well thought out nursery setting. If you have little experience in parenting, it would be good to position the furniture so that everything has its place and is quickly seen. On relaxed parent transfers the calm also to the child. So set up in such a way that the least possible hassle in the room arises and you almost never panic.

Kids love all colors and adults – too

baby room decoration ideas colorful

In addition to the cot, many parents also wish a changing table, which is not part of the bed. A closet and shelf for the baby clothes and its cosmetics would also be of advantage. The basic amenities include the seating for breastfeeding mums, which are very variable.

Well considered, practical and sympathetic should be the baby room

babyroom deco ideas colorful

With natural materials and fresh and juicy colors you are always on the right side

baby room decoration ideas boy

As it is in many creative cases and also as the pros do- first go through your wishes and needs and then consider the color scheme and room atmosphere.

In this sense we wish a good success in your project!

Cheerful and bright – this is how baby rooms are perceived, but the rooms can also be stylish and full of character

nursery deco ideas FRESH GREEN

A simple and effective wall decoration fits well in the baby room and complements the rest

nursery deco ideas graphic design wall stickers

Graphic elements make the baby room look modern and down to earth

babyroom deco ideas graphic design

Refreshing color duos for the nursery – this creates a good mood for the whole family

nursery deco ideas red green

Baby rooms can also be classic and elegant if the parents are able to identify well with it

babyroom deco ideas classic brown

Of course, neat and bright – a baby room should just seem carefree

nursery decor ideas pastel colors green belly light

Chic, cheeky and experimental – all this could still belong in the baby room

babyroom deco ideas puristic

DIY decoration can be afforded for the baby’s room

baby room decoration ideas bommel

Dark shades should not be a taboo in a baby’s room, especially when compensated by contrasts

baby room deco ideas modern british

You do not need much for the baby room, but it should fit together and be strategically positioned

baby room decoration ideas pastel colors

If one is undecided, the well-known furnishing markets come into play

baby room decoration ideas winni pooh

If you want to feel the baby room as extravagant, a sophisticated decor would be to the smallest detail recommended

baby room decoration ideas pompoes

For the moments of deep connection, security and warmth you set up a beautiful corner of silence

baby room decoration ideas clouds

With the simple color combinations you can almost never do anything wrong

baby room decoration Ideas Everything ikea shelf

Wall applications and large-scale paintings invite you on a journey far away

baby room decoration ideas wall design

Decorative cushions always bring with them the feeling of warmth and comfort

baby room decoration ideas colorful girl

The baby can already be in advance / explore their room

baby room decoration ideas colorful colors letters

Pictures and accessories emphasize the mood in the room

baby room decoration ideas bed zoo

baby room decoration ideas colorful colors letters

baby room decoration ideas wall design window roller blind

baby room deco ideas wall decor

babyroom deco ideas colorful

babyroom deco ideas classic white

nursery deco ideas pfiersich

baby room decoration ideas colorful colors letters

baby room decoration ideas pastel colors

baby room decoration ideas pastel colors

baby room decoration ideas practical

babyroom deco ideas black white

30 baby nursery room colors - photos of bedroom interior design

baby room deco ideas standart

breastfeeding nursery deco ideas

babyroom deco ideas white red

baby room decoration ideas white

nursery deco ideas pfiersich

baby room decoration ideas wall design

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