25+ Best Bathroom Sink Ideas and Designs


Bathroom sink is more than a functional need in our homes. It is also part of your decoration style that can significantly affect attractiveness of your area.  Whether you are just looking for something more or less formal one or you are more likely seeking a practical one. . 

Just keep reading and see a lot of ideas for your bathroom sinks. Keep in mind that there are several important criteria that should be considered. 

Raised Sink with the Lighting


This is a model for your corner concept. It has the same scheme with the wall as well. The lighting above the sink can add warmer feeling. Beside this, wooden ornament on the mirror can blend together with the lighting.

Raised Corner Sink with Storage


This style is combined with the metal sink. This sink can match your needs if you are looking for a sink that combines wood and metal in your bathroom. This is one of the best ideas if you have small bathroom space. If you wish, you can combine this model with the pattern wall and black tile as well.

3. Classic White Sink with Mirror


This picture show very simple but a practical sink idea.  It is so simple but still being able to represent your style. For this idea, too, you can still combine your white patterned wall with your white sink. Do not forget to hang a mirror with your ornamented light, with classic white with black tiles.

4. Rustic Sink with Rounded Mirror


This rustic sink is not only giving you a rustic look,  it is also perfectly matching your bathroom design. As you see from the picture, this raised rustic sink has the wooden squared storage underneath.  A rounded mirror is placed above the rustic sink.

Rustic Basin Sink


This idea gives you something more than a bathroom sink. The rustic basin in this model matches perfectly with your white rustic scheme. Then you can see the backsplash and the lightbulp can match perfectly with overall bathroom design.

6. More Rustic Sink with Minimalist Design


This rustic sink has very minimalist features that complement each bathroom’s design as well. The stone-inspired sink can adjust to your bathroom and make your bathroom look more stylish. As you see, there is pretty simple pipe above the sink and you should not forget to hank square mirror. To add slight rustic feeling, you can put some flowers with rustic vase.

Get Antique Sink


This sink looks like a part of the colonial home design that serves as the dealer in the showcase.  It is a great blend of your contemporary design. You can see the textured wood of this sink on the gray scheme. Even the pipe looks antique that perfectly match in your simple decoration.

8. Sparkling Sophisticated Black Sink


This sink has a unique shape that can reflect your unique characteristic. As you see from the picture, it has the same color and same pattern with overall bathroom’s design. The model has a curvy design which gives you a modern and fabulous look.

9. Unique Square Sink with Wood Accent


This is another simple but practical model for your bathroom. It is an idea that gives you the chance to close your white bath. 

10. Above-Counter Bowl Sink


This sink offers you a bottle of water that can compliment your organic feeling inside your bathroom. Then you can add green features inside your bathroom space. As you see from the image, there is a big square mirror above the sink. This sink perfectly shows you  white lines.

11. Simple Square Sink


If you want a model with a perfect bathroom look, then you can go with this idea. You can choose a square that has the same pattern and design inside your bathroom space. 

12. Full Ornamented Sink


This is almost same idea with the previous sink. If you like the style and looking for different color combinations, you can choose the same pattern for your sink. It can be the exact same idea one with the overall pattern inside your bathroom space. This image shows you with full ornamented sink which is very pretty and unique. 

13. Back to all White Sink


This is another idea that you can consider if you prefer to get clean scheme with white color. You can combine your white closet with simple white sink.

As you can see from the picture, this white sink is combined with a wooden storage that adds a fresh look to the white decoration. A mid size of mirror can be more suitable than the overall design.

14. Wide Flat Sink with Mirror


This sink is flattened with the rest of space. This model can provide you very stylish and elegant look.This gray sink can also match with your white wall. Then square mirror over the sink can make this idea looks more interesting.

15. Squared Sink with Very Minimalist Design


This sink is another simple model that can make your bathroom better. As you can see,  it has a kind of retro look and it can take you to the past. The grayish palette wall gives more elegancy to to the bathroom. 

16. Mirror and Rustic Feature Wall


17. Ultra-rustic round barrel sink

18. Rustic natural edge counter with chain detail


19. Stone-inspired basin for a rustic look


20. Unique square sink with rustic features


21. Wide Flat Sink with rustic wood


22. Standalone sink with modern mirror and lighting


23. Floral Basin with a vintage feel


24. Sink set in the worktop


25. Rustic wood backsplash with unique sink


26. Unique worktop and elevated basin sink

27.Classic white sink with big mirror

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